Custom Calendar

A must-have: Custom Calendar!

Custom calendars are largely available in the market or you can go for internet which offers everything that can be termed as a long lasting custom calendar with the desired graphics in single hue or multicolored as a wall calendars, multi sheeters or single sheeter calendars, religious calendars or photo calendar.

Custom Printed Calendar

Custom printed calendars work as an extraordinary promotional gear. To name some custom printed calendar styles, there are:
. Appointment Calendars
. Stapled Calendars
. Dated Business Essentials
. Commercial Calendars
. Executive Calendars
. Pocket & Desk Calendars
. Spiral Calendars
. Mini Calendars
. Window Calendars, etc.

Custom printed calendars serve as the cost effective promotion and advertising for nearly everyone. It is observed that custom printed calendar having your brand name and logo would be looked at at least 11 times every day, something that only a newspaper or electronic media advertising can do.

Custom Photo Calendar

Go for you favorite pictures, snaps and images to create a custom calendar. It can be designed with your own photos, quotes and captions. It can also be made to be used for various business purposes as well, be it promotional use or to use at your very own office.

These are usually available in sizes:

Two pages: Regular: 11" x 17", Huge: 14.25" x 22", and Miniature: 7" x 11"

Single page Regular: 11" x 7" and Miniature: 7" x 11"

Customized Calendar

Customized calendar can be any, right from promotional B2B business to a custom calendar promoting travel. You can select from a wide range in the market or get it customized by your designer. If you have time, you can even create your own customized calendar using one of the software available online. Its real fun and you can the desired effect as well.

Custom Desk Calendar

With custom desk calendar promotion of your company is a child's play. You can advertise you services, products or can have your company contact including the logo printed on a custom desk calendar.

These desk calendars can have any picture or sketch, making them the attraction point at any tabletop. There are a variety of printing options too available with custom desk calendars like single colour, multi colour to even gold imprinted colour.

Business Wall Calendars

In short, a custom calendar not only adds aesthetic value to an office but also satisfies its needs and requirements of advertising as well in the most cost effective manner.