Pocket Calendars

Fits in pockets!

Pocket Calendars serve as a great marketing enabling us to accomplish our aim of realization our target audience throughout the year in the most cost effective manner. Pocket calendars aid in:

. Promoting new products that may be any right from pharmaceutical to a daily use commodity like milk
. Making credit unions
. Retail banking and retailing by reminding people about the product or service or the company itself
. Direct selling like trade shows, etc.
. Cooperative advertising that includes insurance etc.

Personalized Pocket Calendars

With personalized pocket calendar, one can cherish snaps and beautiful moments and distribute amongst the friends or family. Personalized pocket calendars make a very good gifting option as well. These are really handy and can fit in a wallet easily. These can be carried along wherever you take your wallet.

It uses a variety of papers, but the most preferred paper is Premium quality laminated card stock that is generally used for making a pocket calendar. Usually a pocket calendar is 2.5 x 3.5 inches in size and on the same guidelines; a personalized pocket calendar too is created.

Pocket Size Calendar

You can check out with your design house or can go online and look for various options available for a pocket size calendar. You can check out with various sites and go for the best bargain. As discussed above the most common size popular amongst pocket size calendars is 2.5 x 3.5 inches, which makes it convenient to carry inside a wallet.

Pocket Planner Calendars

Pocket planner calendars are usually softbound weekly planners that make planning simple and portable too. Pocket planner calendars are a bit larger than the size of your cheque book and can get folded. They measure upto 3.5" x 6" and are not only small but light to carry too. They when open, measures 7" x 6" as a spread. Like a weekly planner, they offer days from Sunday to Saturday and best suit entrepreneurs to mark their appointments, meetings, day scheduling and making reminders.

Pocket Planner Calendars can also be gifted by entrepreneurs to their clients. These are extraordinary gift ideas that can go along with other corporate gifts. Packed in a bumper along with may be a pen holding company's logo or a diary, it makes a great gift.

Apart from the usual size, pocket planner calendars are also available in sizes 4"x6" folded and 6"x8" when open. One can even get rounded corners but definitely at extra cost. These are usually printed in 4-color process.

Pocket Calendar Cards

Pocket calendar cards area means of reminding people that you care. It could be gifted to your colleagues, business associates, friends and family. Pocket calendar cards are priced even below the usual card rates and serve advertising needs in a very cost effective manner.